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Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
C e7 I see trees of green F* e7 Red roses too d7 C I see them bloom E7 a For me and for you Gis And I think to myself d7 G7 C What a wonderful world I see skies of blue And clouds of white The bright blessed day The dark sacred night And I think to myself What a wonderful world d7 G7 The colors of the rainbow C C6 So pretty in the sky d7 G7 Are also on the faces C C6 Of people going by a* G* I see friends shaking hands a* G* Saying, "How do you do?" a* G* They're really saying d7 G7 "I love you" C e7 I hear babies cry F C I watch them grow d7 C They'll learn much more E7 a Than I'll ever know Gis And I think to myself d7... C* F What a wonderful world